A very big picture tour of the world

Zooming out all the way with semi-annual and yearly candlesticks gives us so much clarity and a lot to be bullish about. Let’s take a tour of over 10 different countries.

USA. S&P 500 began a bull market in 2013. It’s up 3x over the past 20 years and arguably has a lot higher to go.

India. NIFTY-50 is coming out of a 3-year base. This has been one of the strongest global indices (up 11x over past 20 years).

Indonesia. IDX retested long-term support last year. Another very strong index (up 15x in past 20 years).

China. HSCEI is in a tight 14-year coil. The breakout can be explosive.

Brazil. IBOV held 14-year support last year. Up 7x over the past 20 years.

Taiwan. The iShares EWT ETF is flying after retesting a 20-year base breakout last year.

Emerging Markets. The iShares EEM ETF is just now coming out of a 14-year base.

Japan. Last year, NIKKEI retested a double bottom base that began over 20 years ago.

United Kingdom. UKX is holding 20-year support.

Germany. DAX is coming out of a 4-year base.

Canada. TSX retested a 14-year base last year and is lifting off.

Australia. XJO is breaking out of a 14-year base. Like Canada, Australia is heavily concentrated in resource sectors.

There you have it. It’s a clear bull market across the globe.